[VPN] Cisco Router IOS to Symantec Raptor Dec 12 2006 10:57PM
Nate Goddard (ngoddard nconnect net)
I have been unable to reach the list site to look for any archives
on this question, so I?ll through it out there. I?m trying to setup a IPSec
VPN tunnel from a Cisco Router (on which I have several hundred successful
site-to-site tunnels) running IOS 12.4(7) to a Symantec Raptor.
Unfortunately, I can?t really provide much detail about the Symantec because
it?s a customer/vendor?s device. At one point the tunnel did work, but
started failing, and now it fails when something behind the Symantec tries
to initiate a tunnel, but not when something behind the Router initiates the
To lay out some details (which have been obfuscated to protect
identity and security):

Cisco side:
Inside IP: (local subnet has routing to encr dom)
Outside IP:
Preshared key
P1: 3DES MD5 DH2
P2: 3DES MD5 no-pfs
Local encryption domain: (public space)
Sample ACL for crypto map:
permit ip host
permit ip host
permit ip host

Symantec Raptor side:
Inside IP:
Outside IP:
Preshared key
P1: 3DES MD5 DH2
P2: 3DES MD5 no-pfs
Local encryption domain: group containing,,
Remote encryption domain:

It use to work fine this way, with a single local group for the
hosts on the Raptor side, and a subnet on the Cisco side, and each host had
its own IPSec SA (tunnel) to the subnet on the Cisco side. Then the Raptor
changed behavior and started to try to use any existing SA for any 1 of the
3 hosts to encrypt traffic for the other 2 when a system behind the Raptor
was the initiator of traffic and negotiations. If the Cisco side initiates
to all 3 separately, creating the SAs itself, then the tunnel works
bi-directionally as it should, until the P2 SAs expire. At the moment,
there is no way to identify what firmware change, or config change on the
Raptor caused this, so rolling things back is not a practical option (unless
someone knows exactly what the issue is).
We tried disabling that group and tunnel (perhaps deleting it would
be more thorough and a better test ?) and creating 3 totally separate
tunnels on the Raptor, using the same key, etc as the 1 defined S-2-S tunnel
on the Cisco, but system behind the Raptor still can not initiate a tunnel.
As I said, perhaps deleting the old one (not just disabling it) is
I ran into the same issue with another customer/vendor using a
Raptor, where they were using a group, and switching them to individual
tunnels resolved the bi-directional initiation issues (it introduced some
minor problems that I?m ignoring here).

Anyone have any experience with a Cisco to Raptor tunnel with a
subnet and hosts (or anything like this) that could shed some light on this?


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