[VPN] VPN Client warning Jan 15 2007 04:26PM
younes aoufi (aoufiyounes yahoo fr) (1 replies)
Hi all,

I am spirit to deploy a solution of a safety transfer
of the data between a remote station and servers
located in the seat of my company.

I chose for that the Cisco product: 2 concentrators
3000 (main and backup), and I installed Cisco VPN
Client 4.6 in the remote stations.

I configured VPN Client to launches in the starting of
the station and to check connectivity with the
principal concentrator each 3 minute, so if there is a
problem in the concentrator it reconnect automatically
with the backup (the backup takes the address private
and public of the main).

Now if there is a problem in the station itself (for
example the cable network is disconnected),
connectivity with the concentrator will be cut and the
VPN Client will test reconnected each three minute.
After a certain time (15mn practically), the VPN
Client posts the following warning:

?Warning 201: The necessary VPN sub-system is not
available. You can not connect to the remote VPN
server... ?

I want to know if there is a way so that this warning
(and others warnings) will not posted on the screen,
and by consequence, if the problem of the station
would be solved the VPN Client will automatically be
able to reconnected with the concentrator.

All suggestion will be the come good. Thank you in



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[VPN] Re: VPN Client warning Jan 15 2007 09:50PM
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