FW: Alert: New Code Red F worming its way through the 'net Mar 11 2003 07:41PM
Robinson, Sonja (SRobinson HIPUSA com)

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Subject: Alert: New Code Red F worming its way through the 'net

FYI, at 10:15am EST this morning WormCatcher detected a new variant of Code
Red, called Code.Red.F, worming its way through hosts from Finland, the
U.S., and Australia. Since then it has continued, slowly, infecting more
hosts around the globe.

The infection method is the same as the original Code Red, so the
protections are the same;

- Remove IIS from the box completely
- Remove Script Mappings, particularly .IDA mappings
- Patch (MS01-033)

Too bad ISPs don't block access to attacking IIS boxes the way they did with
Slammer. This version appears to eliminate or change the drop-dead date that
previous versions of Code Red had.

If you're interested in WormCatcher, check out;

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