Suspicious 404's Jul 12 2006 02:44PM
dso (dso moosoft com) (2 replies)
Re: Suspicious 404's Jul 16 2006 03:06PM
Joel Esler (eslerj gmail com) (1 replies)
Re: Suspicious 404's Jul 18 2006 09:07PM
Jose David Hidalgo Herrera (joseche gmail com)
Re: Suspicious 404's Jul 12 2006 08:34PM
Peter Kosinar (goober ksp sk)

> I got some suspicious error reports overnight. In my own research it
> looks like an attempt to exploit a very old bug. Perhaps it is very new.
> The URI which generated the error is:
> /.JPEG
> /.jpeg
> /.JPG
> /.jpg
> /.GIF
> /.gif
> /
> /window.clearTimeout(this.aniTimer)
> /

Couldn't it be some web-crawler that doesn't understand Javascript? Were
there any other requests from the same IP around this time, possibly
downloading some HTML files? If so, try to grep them (the HTML pages) for
these strings, they might show the source of the problem.


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