New malware names and updates to PowerPoint FAQ document Aug 23 2006 06:50PM
Juha-Matti Laurio (juha-matti laurio netti fi)
Several names of related Trojan and dropper have been added to "Microsoft PowerPoint Vulnerability FAQ - August 2006, CVE-2006-4274" document today.

Changes to the document have been done too:
It is known that the Trojan
-generates a hidden iexplore.exe process,
-executes as a thread of this process mentioned,
-connects to Web sites at [removed] and 61.218.[removed].

Additionally, the specific vulnerability of MS06-012 update is Malformed Routing Slip Vulnerability, CVE-2006-0009:

It appears that the vulnerable file used is Msroute.dll, which is not part of Office 2003 installation.

Link to the FAQ:

- Juha-Matti

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