Odd traffic again...... internal --> (137-udp) Aug 24 2006 02:42PM
loki74 (loki74 gmail com) (1 replies)
Re: Odd traffic again...... internal --> (137-udp) Aug 24 2006 05:07PM
Tillmann Werner (tillmann werner gmx de)
> eth1c0:o[78]: 192.168.x.x -> (UDP) len=78 id=13167
> UDP: 137 -> 137
> eth1c0:O[78]: -> (UDP) len=78 id=13167
> UDP: 49902 -> 137

You have two different source ip addresses here. Are they on the same box? The
source port differs, but at least the ip id is equal. Strange - a
coincidence? Your ACL log even showes a third source port. Btw, I think there
is no need for camouflaging rfc1918 addresses...

> I am now capturing the traffic again, though there is nothing in it.

For a packet size of 78 you have up to 50 bytes of payload (depending on the
presence of ip options). So what means 'nothing in it'? A full packet
capture, for instance tcpdump's hex output, would help. Maybe in addition to
creating a local alias with an address of and netcatting the


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