RE: spoolss overflow attempt: unknow threat or false alert ? Sep 08 2006 12:44PM
Buozis, Martynas (martynas ti com) (1 replies)
Re: spoolss overflow attempt: unknow threat or false alert ? Sep 09 2006 01:12PM
Sûnnet Beskerming (info beskerming com)
Hi Martynas,

A few questions -

1 - What planned changes have happened to the network in recent
weeks (SOE change, patches, permission changes)?
2 - When the workstations are rebooted, how long until the packets
start up? Before the user logs in?
3 - Did the perimeter network security devices record any odd
behaviour in the 24-48 hours prior to the first packets being flooded?
4 - Is there any odd network behaviour between workstations that are
affected, and those that aren't? (If it is something sneaky, you
might be lucky and catch it here)

If it is a sneaky attack targeting the alerted SNORT rule, then your
systems are on their way to being hosed. Good Luck.


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