RES: Massive SPAM Increase Oct 10 2006 09:19PM
Tiago Quadra (tquadra multiplan com br) (1 replies)
Re: RES: Massive SPAM Increase Oct 11 2006 06:45AM
Paul Dean (paul thecave ws) (3 replies)
Re: RES: Massive SPAM Increase Oct 11 2006 07:29PM
Jamie Riden (jamesr europe com)
Re: Massive SPAM Increase Oct 11 2006 05:33PM
Tillmann Werner (tillmann werner gmx de)
> Anyone bother to think about using the wonderful rbl lists provided by
> lots of fast healthy servers around the world.
> IE,
> (although this one has some court orders against it, see
> plus many many more.

I personally don't like the idea of giving the control what gets blocked on an
MTA to third parties...

> Once I started using these lists, my spam dropped from like 1000 a day
> to 20 a day, just configuring Postfix and 5 rbl's.

Also, I don't think a decreased spam level alone is a proper criteria. You
know, using a drop-all rule reduces the amount of spam to 0%.


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Re: RES: Massive SPAM Increase Oct 11 2006 04:08PM
Michael T. Babcock (mike triplepc com)


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