Re: Re: "Ticken" web attacks? Nov 17 2006 07:30PM
bucklerk dsinc com (2 replies)
Re: Re: "Ticken" web attacks? Nov 20 2006 10:35AM
K.M. Jeary (kmj1000 ucs cam ac uk) (2 replies)
Re: "Ticken" web attacks? Nov 20 2006 08:19PM
Valdis Kletnieks vt edu
Re: "Ticken" web attacks? Nov 20 2006 07:38PM
Radu Oprisan (radu securesystems ro)
K.M. Jeary wrote:
> If you follow the dictionary link further elsewhere you will find that
> ticken is a cognate of "tick" or "ticking" which is elsewhere defined as
> a textile mattress covering [sometimes blue and white] which seems to be
> nineteenth century in usage. So assuming a literate hacker, a reference to
> the site's "wrapper"?
Sorry, first mail went to private address.
So, my guess is that ticken can mean something in german or another
language. I don't have a translation, sorry. But i would definetely
block anything outside put, get, head and the other standard http requests.

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Re: Re: "Ticken" web attacks? Nov 19 2006 09:15AM
Dude VanWinkle (dudevanwinkle gmail com)


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