UK computer crime contact? Jan 19 2007 07:47AM
Z (commander_uk yahoo com) (4 replies)
RE: UK computer crime contact? Jan 22 2007 11:49AM
Johann van Duyn (johann vanduyn co uk)
Re: UK computer crime contact? Jan 20 2007 11:20PM
Travis Haymore (thaymore gmail com)
Try Pete Waldron @ pete.waldron (at) westmercia.pnn.police (dot) uk [email concealed]

He can probably direct you to where you may need to go.

As for botnets and such, shoot me info offlist on what you have and I
may be able to assist on that aspect as well.

Travis Haymore
DHS/ICE Cyber Crimes Center

On 1/19/07, Z <commander_uk (at) yahoo (dot) com [email concealed]> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Does anyone have any phone numbers or other contact
> info for reporting computer crimes in the UK? The UK
> police website says just to call your local police
> station, but I'd prefer to speak with someone who
> understands what I mean by DDoS attacks and bot nets
> rather than forwarding me to the crime recording
> department.
> An email address would also be useful since log info,
> IP addresses, etc are somewhat tiresome to communicate
> via telephone. Feel free to contact me off-list if you
> wish.
> Thanks.
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Re: UK computer crime contact? Jan 20 2007 10:11AM
Graeme Fowler (G E Fowler lboro ac uk)
RE: UK computer crime contact? Jan 20 2007 07:17AM
Butterworth, Jim (jim butterworth guidancesoftware com)


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