UK computer crime contact? Jan 19 2007 07:47AM
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RE: UK computer crime contact? Jan 22 2007 11:49AM
Johann van Duyn (johann vanduyn co uk)
Hi, Z...

Dr Frank Marsh at British American Tobacco Head Office keeps very close
to the UK Computer Crime Investigation fraternity. I think the
organization you're looking for is SOCA (Serious and Organized Crime
Agency), into which the National High-Tech Crime Unit (NHCTU) was folded
a little while ago... he could help by giving you names and contact

He is at Frank<underscore>Marsh<at>BAT<dot>com, or call BAT HQ at
+442078451000 and ask to speak to him.

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Hi all,
Does anyone have any phone numbers or other contact
info for reporting computer crimes in the UK? The UK
police website says just to call your local police
station, but I'd prefer to speak with someone who
understands what I mean by DDoS attacks and bot nets
rather than forwarding me to the crime recording

An email address would also be useful since log info,
IP addresses, etc are somewhat tiresome to communicate
via telephone. Feel free to contact me off-list if you


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Butterworth, Jim (jim butterworth guidancesoftware com)


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