0day linux 2.6 /dev/mem rootkit found Jul 11 2007 04:07PM
James E. Jones (ceriofag yahoo com) (1 replies)
I found one interesting tool on my server, with the
name 'Boxer 0.99 BETA3'. It's protected by ELFuck
linux executables obfuscator. Google doesn't know
anything about it.
Now, it is available at
(ELFuck password: 'notdead')
Anybody seen it before?

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Strange Cisco Router Logs Jul 20 2007 07:49PM
Radi Tzvetkov (radit logisticare com) (1 replies)
RE: Strange Cisco Router Logs Jul 22 2007 06:57PM
Dario Ciccarone (dciccaro) (dciccaro cisco com) (1 replies)
Phishing e-mail with hidden crap? Aug 17 2007 06:48AM
Nicolas villatte (Nicolas Villatte chello be)


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