HTTP worm? Aug 27 2007 11:51AM
Steve Huston (huston astro princeton edu) (3 replies)
I don't have any details or traffic to show for it, but since Friday
I've seen an awful lot of complaints from my firewall about "port scans"
coming from remote hosts port 80 to 1-2 ports on machines in my
department. The first ones I noticed were coming from a web server on
campus but outside my control, and since then I've seen them from many
other sites (most if not all of which have no PTR records).

Is there some kind of worm that I haven't paid attention to that might
be causing this, or would my time be better spent looking for a network
issue instead? When I discovered it on Friday, I thought it could be
due to delayed responses which took longer than the firewall's session
timeout to return, but then finding these packets coming from hosts with
no PTR makes me wonder if it's something more nefarious.

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RE: HTTP worm? Aug 28 2007 01:25AM
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