RE: Anyone have a reason for 2x the email flow today? Dec 06 2007 01:19PM
Maloney, Michael (MMaloney middlesexcc edu)
All from outside -> in..
I've been averaging about 110K-130K emails per days, with about 4-5K
allowed thru as being considered valid. Knock 10% off the delivered
amount for false negatives (delivered but are really spam). Rest are
spam or invalid recipients and viruses.

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Is the increase of traffic from inside out or outside in?

Can you determine the nature of the increase? Is it just spam/junk?
I'm seeing a significant increase in my personal mail due to Spam/Junk
mail just within the last week.
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Subject: Re: Anyone have a reason for 2x the email flow today?
On Dec 4, 2007 8:27 AM, Maloney, Michael <MMaloney (at) middlesexcc (dot) edu [email concealed]>
> I've noticed a 30K increase per day in traffic..

I was finally able to do the numbers:
We do 1,000,000 emails a day
We did 1.3 million that day..
Something must have happened...


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