RE: Anyone have a reason for 2x the email flow today? Dec 06 2007 01:46PM
Sven Meeus (sven meeus keys be) (1 replies)
> Can you determine the nature of the increase? Is it just spam/junk?
> I'm seeing a significant increase in my personal mail due to Spam/Junk
mail just within the last week.

We have a steady increase in mail since the beginning of October. The
difference between then and now is about 23% more spam/junk mails. There
are some days with high peaks, but I don't really worry about those
days. I would start worrying when the sudden increase stays, and doesn't
go down again.
I suppose it has to do with the holidays coming up. A part of the new
kind of spam/junk are mailings from locally based companies sending out
their holiday gift promotions and such.
I remember that last year, we had the same increase in mail, but once it
was January, it rapidly decreased again.



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Re: Anyone have a reason for 2x the email flow today? Dec 06 2007 04:23PM
Dude VanWinkle (dudevanwinkle gmail com)


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