Re: Port 1234 UDP traffic increase? Dec 14 2007 06:43PM
Dude VanWinkle (dudevanwinkle gmail com) (1 replies)
Re: Port 1234 UDP traffic increase? Dec 20 2007 03:29PM
Steve Barnet (barnet icecube wisc edu)
Dude VanWinkle wrote:


> I think what I will take away from this is that while the last time I
> was watching this much traffic, viruses were noisy and big.

Perhaps the better take away is that categorizing traffic by
proto/port is a pretty broad cut and to really know what's up
you have to do exactly what you did: get your hands dirty and
look at those bits.

This has been a good reminder.



Steve Barnet
UW IceCube

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