SPAM drop? Mar 31 2008 07:33AM
vtlists wyae de (1 replies)


Not that I want to complain - but I have observed a massive drop in
(unsuccessful because blocked) SPAM deliveries - only ~10% compared to only
2 weeks ago (or only 20% of the average of this year).

Has anyone else observed this?
What might be the reason?
Could that effect be amplified even more?


Volker Tanger

PS: the massive drop early january was due to a mail server failure,
thus does not count...

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Re: SPAM drop? Mar 31 2008 09:55PM
Randy Wyatt (rwwyatt01 gmail com) (1 replies)
Re: SPAM drop? Apr 01 2008 05:40PM
crazy frog crazy frog (i m crazy frog gmail com)


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