Ssh break that claims it was me? Oct 27 2008 11:19AM
makkalot gmail com (1 replies)
Hi all i dont know if it is the right place to write that but didnt know what
to do...
The case is as follow :
I'm a freelancer programmer and work for other people from distance,therefore
they give me ssh access to their servers and i fix their stuff. After a few
days ago i was hired to fix some django/apache stuff in a server. I fixed all
the stuff and got my money.Ok that was the story part here is the message i
got from client today :
I know you deleted the svn repo and also trac...
I don't know why you chose to go in that route... very bad
if you were not happy about something you could have
asked for more money... we could have worked together
to resolve anything... in any case.. I will report this to RAC
form the system logs and we will go from there...
I still don't know why you did this!!!! "

Ok obviously i didnt do that, becaus i dont have any reason to do so. Is there
a way i can prove it wasnt me ? Some fingerprint ssh values? Please any help
is appreciated, thanks in advance ...


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RE: Ssh break that claims it was me? Oct 27 2008 01:35PM
Viktor Larionov (viktor larionov salva ee)


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