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Windows International OPcodes Database Sep 04 2006 08:13PM
Jerome Athias (jerome athias free fr)
Hi there,

playing with some hexa-voodoo, i'm currently updating my international
Windows opcodes database ("magical return addresses")
it's not as detailed as the MetaSploitFramework one (greetz to the MSF
team and specially to skape), but now supports up to 7 different
locales! (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Polish)

have fun

it'll soon introduce "alien addresses" (same address, same opcode,
different platforms (OS/SP/locale)) ;-)

if you want to help:
please download this package
then run the OPCODES_LIST.BAT and send me back the results file
-- Thank you very much to all the contributors

if you want to obtain more opcodes or a different format, please contact
me offlist

Best regards

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