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Re: Fortigate Bypass Oct 05 2006 01:03PM
admin starkingdoms com (1 replies)
Re: Fortigate Bypass Oct 09 2006 02:07AM
Alice Bryson abryson (at) bytefocus (dot) com [email concealed] (abryson bytefocus com)
Hi, guy
FortiGate do not implement https check for some reason, and also
other firewall product vendors. do you know any other vendor's
product, no matter how expensive of their goods, who can deal with

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5 Oct 2006 13:03:19 -0000, admin (at) starkingdoms (dot) com [email concealed] <admin (at) starkingdoms (dot) com [email concealed]>:
> You are correct, I have also tested this. My school system pays who knows what amount of money for this software, yes a simple "s" blows all of their software away. It's not hard for an average student to figure this out, it's really a shame so much money is wasted on such poor software.

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