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[w4ck1ng] Darkside of the Internet Oct 14 2006 04:23PM
German Alfred (w4ck hotmail co uk)

You are receiving this email because w4ck1ng would like to let everyone know what we have been up to since we first
opened our doors to the public......and we know we got what you want ;)

We have released multiple zero-day exploits to the public:
4images (all versions) SQL injection exploit
Moodle SQL injection

Our biggest exploit is to be released at the end of this month, currently google reports 26 million websites to be vulnerable.
This exploit will be released to MIS members before it becomes public knowledge.

We also release tutorials showing the most up to date hacking techniques and methodologies.
Getting your first root:

Installing a private proxy:

Backdooring the sshd:

Poisoning routing protocols:

We also have our own MD5 cracker try it,you'll be pleasantly surprised .

Study the art of exploitation with peers or participate in one of the many other topics we discuss.

Check us out at


w4ck1ng - Your friendly blackhat community

If you want to be left out mail w4ck (at) (dot) uk [email concealed]
P.S 3 fresh 0 days released today

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