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PAKCON III: Call for Papers [cfp] Feb 09 2007 11:20AM
Ayaz Ahmed Khan (ayaz pakcon org)
P A K C O N - I I I

May, 2007
Pearl Continental Hotel

``P A K C O N I I I -- Call for Papers''

[ -C A L L F O R P A P E R S- ]

Yes! PAKCON is back with a bang. PAKCON is Pakistan's Underground
Hacking Convention, happening annually for the past two years in a
row. And this year, PAKCON will take place sometime in May, somewhere
in Karachi.

Due to some unavoidable problems, PAKCON III could not be held in
December last year. It got postponed. But, fret not. PAKCON is back.
And it will take place late May 2007.

Papers and presentations are now being accepted for PAKCON III,
Pakistan's Underground Hacking Convention.

WHAT: PAKCON III Call for Papers.

WHEN: Starting Monday, 5 February, 2007, and closing Thursday, 5 April, 2007.

WHO: If you want to speak at PAKCON, you know who you are.

HOW: If you think you have the galls to speak at PAKCON and have an
interesting paper or a short, lightening talk to go along with, piece
together the following instructions to express your desire to speak:

E-mail: PAKCON CfP <cfp (at) pakcon (dot) org [email concealed]>

Submission ends: Thursday, 5 April, 2007.

Write an abstract, minimum 1-page long, of your paper and send it in.
Also mention which type of talk are you going to present: Normal, or

File-formats accepted: plain-text, pdf, .lyx, .dvi, doc, abw,
html, rtf, sxw, sdw.

Call for papers to be presented at PAKCON III is now officially open.

Requests to present papers at PAKCON have always been accepted
liberally. However, certain topics have always been and will still be
given preference over certain other topics. By being liberal, we plan
to increase the number of speakers who will speak at PAKCON, all the
while striving to maintain the quality of papers and talks presented.

[ -L I G H T E N I N G T A L K S- ]

This year, at PAKCON III, we are introducing "Lightening" talks in
addition to normal 45-minute presentations. These are brief talks,
ranging anywhere from 5 minutes to 15 minutes, that talk about
anything from tips, tricks, to glimpses into technologies, etc. As
long as the topics for these talks are interesting, they will be

[ -T O P I C S- ]

Topics for papers can be any of these or possibly anything else not
way too off-topic:

Information Security
Network and Vulnerability Analysis
Penetration Testing
Firewall Technologies
Intrusion Detection and Prevention Technologies
Denial-Of-Service Attacks and Countermeasures
Encryption Technologies
(0) Zero-day Attacks
Incident Response and Disaster Recovery
Forensics Analysis
Electronic Crimes Law
GPRS and CDMA Security
Wireless Hacking
Access Control and Authentication
Viruses, Worms, and Trojans
Wireless Networks and Bluetooth Security
Malicious Code Analysis
Analysis of Attacks against Networks and Machines
OS Hardening
File System Security
Security in Heterogeneous and large-scale Environments
Techniques for Developing Secure Systems
Writing Secure Code
Secure Application Development
Secure Systems Programming

[ -T I M I N G- ]

For "Normal Talks", each speaker will be allotted:

45 minutes to present the talk, and
5 minutes for Question and Answer session.

Speakers appearing for "Lightening Talks" will be given:

5-to-15 minutes, and
Additional 5 minutes for Question and Answer session.

If a presentation requires more time, the speaker should inform the
organizers beforehand.

[ -S P E A K E R S- ]

Speakers should indicate at the time of abstract submission which talk
they are going to present: "Normal", or "Lightening".

[ -R E S O U R C E S- ]

Any additional presentational requirements should be communicated well
in advance to the organizers. Speakers will be provided a microphone,
a laptop on which their presentations will have been saved and loaded,
a multi-media projector and a reasonably large projector screen.

[ -S P E A K E R S F R O M O U T S I D E- ]

We will not pay speakers anything for their talks at PAKCON. However,
if you are flying in to Karachi from somewhere to present your paper,
we will gladly provide accommodation. We might be able to to cover
your traveling expenses as well, but only if you let us know in
advance. If you are visiting Karachi to speak at PAKCON, immediately
write to us at:

PAKCON Outside-Speakers <out-speakers (at) pakcon (dot) org [email concealed]>

[ -SO?- ]

What are you waiting for? Finish that cup of whatisit you're drinking
and prepare a paper and submit it to PAKCON. ;^)

[ -I N F O- ]

For detailed information regarding speakers and accepted papers, point
your browsers to PAKCON's official website <>.
Updated announcements will be posted to newsgroups, security mailing
lists and the web site.

Ayaz Ahmed Khan

"I'm returning this note to you, instead of your paper, because it
(your paper) presently occupies the bottom of my bird cage."
-- English Professor, Providence College

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