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Training Classes in SyScan'07 May 09 2007 05:58PM
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dear all

besides having free alcohol for all conference attendees at SyScan'07 this year, there will be seven (7) training classes at SyScan'07 this year. these classes are:

1. "securing your oracle database form hackers" by alexander kornbrust
2. "web application (in)security" by ngs software
3. "designing a secured voip network" by hendrik scholz
4. "practical wifi (in)security" by cedric blancher
5. "penetration testing voip network" by the grugq
6. "network storage security training" by isec partners
7. "building secured applications" by cosaire

training classes will be held on july 3rd - 4th, 2007 and the main conference will be held on july 5th - 6th, 2007.

those who sign up for these training classes by may 20th, 2007 will get to attend the conference for free. those who sign up for these classes after may 20th, 2007 need to pay only S$300 (about us$200) for the conference.

please visit for more details.

Thank you
Thomas Lim

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