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Help developing exploit May 26 2007 05:32PM
KaCo678 aol com (2 replies)
Re: Help developing exploit May 28 2007 02:34PM
Thomas Pollet (thomas pollet gmail com)
Re: Help developing exploit May 26 2007 10:40PM
Valdis Kletnieks vt edu
On Sat, 26 May 2007 17:32:12 -0000, KaCo678 (at) aol (dot) com [email concealed] said:
> Hi i was wondering if you would able to help.

Try hitting return once in a while. It makes replying a lot easier.

> But im able to find the address where my nop sled is and every thing ive tried
> hasnt worked.

but then you say:

> I was wondering could i just not point my eip to my nop sled..So my shell code
> gets executed..Im working with windows xp sp2/..Just cant seam to get to the
> adress of my nop code/

I'm confused - you're able to find the address but unable to call it, or you're
not able to find the address at all?

Moral: Always proofread before you hit "send", and make the extra effort to
use the best English grammar, spelling, and punctuation you can. Being sloppy
in your writing can backfire and lead to confusion. I know you can do better,
as you *do* use the capital 'I' in several places (and I've never seen non-native
speakers use "im" and "ive" rather than "I'm" and "I've"...)

This would be a *lot* easier to debug if you gave a clear and consistent
explanation of what you've tried already, and what happened.
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