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Vulnerability Disclosure Jun 05 2007 03:52AM
matt steer marstons co uk (2 replies)
Re: Vulnerability Disclosure Jun 07 2007 01:09PM
Mauro Flores (almauri cs com uy)
The're use to be a IETF draft about good policy for vuln-disclosure but
is now exipred... but maybe it can answer you some wuestions.
Some time ago I used this draft for disclosure some vulns.

You can also check the X-Force Vulnerability Disclosure Guidelines at

my 2 cents.

regrads, Mauro Flores

On Tue, 2007-06-05 at 03:52 +0000, matt.steer (at) (dot) uk [email concealed] wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> I have been playing around with a program and have discovered a bug that I have successfully leveraged into code execution. I reported my findings to the vendor, not yet receiving a reply; this is the first time I have done this.
> The bug is in an installer and malicious input is crafted then pasted into an input field which is copied into a buffer of insufficient size. The conditions of the exploit seem a little extreme to me, but it still results in code execution.
> The fact that it is in an installer, hence most likely requiring Admin rights, and is a local exploit the risk of this vulnerability being exploited seems low (too me, not being a risk assessor!) .
> This brings me to my question;
> Should all vulnerabilities be disclosed to a vendor (at least!) however high or low risk?
> Ive never been a believer in Security through Obscurity, but do the people think there comes a point when it may just be a waste of time?
> To be honest; I hope not!
> Matthew Steer

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Re: Vulnerability Disclosure Jun 07 2007 12:11AM
Steve Shockley (steve shockley shockley net)


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