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debuging Jan 02 2008 06:04PM
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Re: debuging Jan 04 2008 12:55AM
Dude VanWinkle (dudevanwinkle gmail com)
On 2 Jan 2008 18:04:08 -0000, <unix_semaphore (at) (dot) br [email concealed]> wrote:
> hello,
> I am a newbie in win32 software hacking.
> when i have a open source software,i use the gdb to debug the software,but the most of win32 app, is not a open source,why i know the functions?the operations?what tools i will use to this?

Not sure if I understand you correctly, but here it goes

(did you try using the google translator bot? I am not sure if they
have Portuguese, but if you know some Espanol, just start a google
talk session with es2en (at) (dot) com [email concealed] and type in Espanol and it
will convert into english)

Debuggers can make it easier to find vulns in Closed Source SW

IDA Pro Is pretty good, but the newest versions cost money. version
4.3 is free I hear

Free= SoftICE (old, no longer maintained)

Also Free= ollydbg (maintained, good)

Also Also Free=immunity debugger (also maintained and good)

Grep'ing through source is a LOT less time consuming than RCE'ing
win32 Binaries. Be ready for some headaches.

Due to the consumption of time a closed source app takes to reverse,
some turn to fuzzer's like the Spike and Sulley fuzzing frameworks.

Happy Googling :-)


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