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5 char XSS? Apr 23 2008 11:36PM
Kristian Erik Hermansen (kristian hermansen gmail com) (1 replies)
Just been noticing all the talk about Obama and Clinton sites and how
the media keeps making a big deal out of all these XSS vulns, heh.
However, I have a rather technical question about what, if anything,
you can do when you have such a small buffer to exploit XSS? Check
out this one I found and is not listed by for You only get 5 chars to inject. So, are there
any tricks that could possibly be used to expand the limitation via
perhaps some unicode kung-fu here? Dunno, but thought it might be
insteresting bring up because this is a common scenario in zip code
search fields. The fix for Clinton is as simple as whitelisting the
input field set to [0-9]...

Kristian Erik Hermansen
"Clever ones don't want the future told. They make it."

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Re: 5 char XSS? Apr 26 2008 02:53PM
Serg B (sergeslists gmail com)


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