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AAA that Acquire from Lotus Domino 7.02 Sep 10 2007 11:21AM
Toto (besakih gmail com)
Dear All,

Currently I am Implementing AAA for various Schemes and Systems:
1- Windows 2003 Active Directory
2- RADIUS (Using Free RADIUS)
3- LDAP using Open LDAP

For all those AAA, the username and password should be taken / acquire
from existing Lotus Domino 7.02 LDAP.
Does anyone have experience on:
1- Deploying Windows AD and take / sync username and password from LDAP
from LD 7.02? If there any FREE / Open Source solution, it will be very
2- Connecting Free-RADIUS and Open-LDAP to acquire Username and Password
from LD 7.02.

I have created a HTTP portal that able to take username and password
from LD 7.02. If I want to authenticate user using current application,
this application just send HTTP request to my portal, with username and
password in appropriate field.
The problem is, I don't know how to use this portal for solving problem
1-3 above.

Thanks for your help.



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