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Windows NT Desktop Nov 22 2007 01:31PM
sisram2 gmail com (2 replies)
Hi All,

I was wandering if anyone could help me with the following


There are couple of PC's (Windows NT) which are part of a domain (say XYZ). For the users of this domain the USB, CD drive etc. are disabled. The commond prompt , RUN option, Regestiry and BIOS is also disabled. Also the admin has done the hardening at desktop level and not at domain level

The PC's have access to an application on remote server via html login. All the processing is done online and nothing is stored locally

Objective and ethical test that needs to be done

I want to get local admin rights or somehow change the privilge levels to enable USB or Floppy drive. The other option is if I could access other domains thru this one.

It would be nice if someone could suggest a methodology or approach

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RE: Windows NT Desktop Nov 22 2007 05:46PM
Thor (Hammer of God) (thor hammerofgod com)
RE: Windows NT Desktop Nov 22 2007 05:08PM
James D. Stallard (james leafgrove com)


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