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Re: RE : Temp directory is odd Mar 12 2008 08:25PM
Geekwench (geekwench hotmail com)
Um, I meant what version of Windows, not whether or not it was a
Windows-based OS (you do realize that XP and Vista are different operating
systems, right?). As Mark answered, the contents of that folder are handled
via COM, but there are differences between Vista and XP with regards to that
particular path and I was curious as to how the OP had accessed that path to
begin with (browsing to it, IE, etc.). If you have a Vista system, go to
Start -> run and type in the path below, substituting your username where
appropriate, and you'll see what I mean. Better still, compare the default
IE paths on XP versus Vista for the storage location for temporary Internet
files. I assumed XP based on the path the OP listed, but you never know
whether or not somebody is using a system with default settings until you,
well, ask. See, I've done home-grown migrations of content between one
machine and another and have messed with those paths during said mucking
about, and there are some irrelevancies in that path on a Vista system.
Specifically, that path doesn't truly exist on a Vista system- it's a link.
It's a link you can muck with, but it's a link nonetheless. Unless, of
course, one has done something silly like copying files and folders from an
XP box to a Vista box without modifying the path structures, in which case,
the resultant copied files end up being a set of content that aren't handled
the same way via the OS shell handlers. Try it; you'll see what I mean.

More here:

So basically, I was satisfying my own curiosity as to whether the OP was
using an out-of-the-box configuration or was doing some mucking about on a
Vista system.


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Subject: RE : Temp directory is odd

> This semms to me to be windows: ""C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local
> Settings\Temporary Internet Files" ...
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> What operating system?
> Laura
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> Subject: Temp directory is odd
>> Hello
>> I have a few questions about the "C:\Documents and
>> Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files",
>> directory..
>> I know whats there, and what its for, but this directory is not like
>> every other directories. It have filenames with "/" chars in it, I
>> cannot make these files manual, or are them some kinda virtual files?
>> I was also wondering what thoses content. directories is.. And why are
>> they superhidden? Example "Content.Outlook", I cannot see it while
>> browsing the temp folder, but I can access it manually..
>> Regards
>> Lars
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