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With FDCC (see my previous reply) the Gold Disks from specific government
organizations are being phased out. NIST will be the distributor of the only
approved XP and Vista configurations. And, with FDCC you will be restricted
from substantive customization.


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> Can anyone direct me to some resources explaining hardening procedures for

> windows XP.

The US Defense Department puts their hardening guide online. They have an
automated tool called the Gold Disk that can scan your system and generate a
report of vulnerabilities it finds. The Gold Disk can also apply most of the
settings automatically.

A strong warning however - applying the Gold Disk settings wholesale is
guaranteed to cause you problems.

It is far better to selectively choose the settings you want to apply - you
don't need to apply everything. On a default system, it'll find over 100
different settings that it recommends changing.


This is a download link for the latest Gold Disk ISO image -

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