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Re: How to prepare Windows Installation Discs Nov 13 2009 08:34AM
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RE: How to prepare Windows Installation Discs Nov 16 2009 06:42PM
Cawthray, Stewart (stewart cawthray td com)
I have used this tool in the past to make an ISO image of all the updates required to the date the tool is run.

Very useful for creating windows systems offline and having them fully patched prior to connecting them toi the network.

It is still two steps install OS then install patches but you do not need to connect to Windows Update to do it.

- Stewart

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You can use slip streaming to create a standardized install cd or base image. You might be better of (depending on your setup) utilizing a (RIS install for windows xp or WDS for windows 7) with a wsus server for standardized updates.

As I said. Depending on your network setup. For this google is your friend.

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Hello List,

I'm looking for some Informations about preparing the Windows
Installation CD's (XP Pro).
It should be possible to prepare an installation disc with Windows
including all Service packs.
How to do that? It is possible to prepare installation CD for more than
one machine?
And what about the Windows 7?
We prepare every week up to 20 PC's as a part of our measurement systems.
Therefore it is not our main topic, but I thing it is better to install
OS with all the updates
than make online update with every box.

Thank you for your answers

Have a nice day
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