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Windows event logs to filter/ignore Sep 22 2010 02:54PM
Youngquist, Jason R. (jryoungquist ccis edu) (1 replies)
RE: Windows event logs to filter/ignore Sep 22 2010 03:09PM
Allan Jones (ajones pop com br)

Have you tried GPO's for the filtering?


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We are sending logs from Windows servers to a centralized collector. The
Windows servers are consistently sending all kinds of events to the
collector. I'm seeing a bunch of Security:538 and Security:576 events. For
example, one particular server is sending Security:538 events and
Security:576 events several times a minute. Over a period of time that I
was looking at, these two events accounted for 92% of the events being sent
from the server. When I looked at the events they basically said the same
thing over and over...Security:576 - "Special privileges assigned to new
login, username: administrator...." And Security:538 - "User Logoff: User
name: administrator...."

I'd like to filter out these events before they hit the collector, but I'm
afraid of filtering out too much and potentially missing a log entry that
could help with an incident, while at the same time I don't want to send and
store logs that aren't useful.


Jason Youngquist

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