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Lee Fisher (blibbet gmail com)
> What are the security implications of running a Tor relay on a machine
> behind a firewall?

This is a MS-focused list. Tor is designed by Unix developers, and works
best (read: most securely) on Debian. Not Windows.

You should view the archives of or-talk, and try asking there if you
can't find the answer in archives. The or-talk list has multiple threads
on known attacks to Tor. There is also a tor-relays mailing list at, for admins of relays.

> Is there a high probability of it being hacked somehow, and what does
> one do to prevent that?

Nothing special, general OS hardening. But again, Tor is more secure on
Unix than Windows. Also, pick a good ISP, and have a lawyer on file. :-(

> Thank you in advance for your time and advice.


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