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Tor Jan 12 2011 05:28PM
im anikin us (4 replies)
RE: Tor Jan 14 2011 02:30AM
Claude Petit (petc webmail us)
With or without firewall, it's the same security issues. With a firewall,
you have to open some ports, and run a service (Tor) on a computer. If you
don't trust a computer program, but you want to run it for any reasons, it's
better to isolate it from your private network and from sensitive data.
Create a DMZ for Tor. Keep your firewall as closed as possible. Don't trust
traffic behind your firewall coming from the computer running Tor. And keep
in mind that you might be in black lists if you are running a proxy server.
This can block you from having access to some servers. Just by exemple,
google might ask you a gotcha for every query.

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Hello Everyone,

What are the security implications of running a Tor relay on a machine
behind a firewall?

Is there a high probability of it being hacked somehow, and what does
one do to prevent that?

Thank you in advance for your time and advice.

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RE: Tor Jan 13 2011 03:55AM
MNelson (mnelson nels-sec com)
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Thor (Hammer of God) (thor hammerofgod com)
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Lee Fisher (blibbet gmail com)


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