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RE: Windows Server Roles Mar 01 2011 01:45AM
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Hi all and thanks for your replys.
Mr. Koch, we'll use Windows server 2003 for new VM's.
We are planning to replace the W2K Domain Controller and convert the Windows
2003 to primary domain controller and virtualize a second domain controller
using Windows 2003 too and raise the domain functional level to 2003.

Alberto Medina

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What version of Windows will you be using for the new virtual servers?

Kind regards,

Steven J. Koch
Systems Development Engineer

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On Mon, Dec 13, 2010 at 11:19 AM, Alberto Medina <amedinaj (at) gmail (dot) com [email concealed]> wrote:
Hi all,
I'm planning in migrating some servers to VM's for separate some roles and
for and replace some old servers. Currently we have 2 domain controllers,
one on Windows 2000 and other in Windows 2003. Windows 2000 is the primary
domain controller and W2K3 is Domain Controller, Terminal Services, and DHCP
(and of course DNS for AD), and I want add VPN server for remote access. I
have found that is not recommended to run DHCP or Terminal services in a
Domain controller, so I want separate those roles to VM's but I want to
know which of this roles can I run together in a VM without affecting

Please let me know your opinions about this.

Thank you and Best Regards,
Alberto Medina


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Re: Windows Server Roles Mar 01 2011 07:08AM
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