new ng Feb 20 2005 06:21PM
Frédéric Raynal (frederic raynal security-labs org)


Here is a new release of NG devel tree.

- change some ifdef and so on in libnet-swab.h (should be rewritten)
- IPv6:
- fixed libnet_in6_addr
- add RAW6 mode ... but tested only on Linux
- add builders, checksum, and new sample (sample/ip6.c)
- unmacrofied all the 802.11 functions (C99 rulez ...)
- remove all %z[x,u]: size_t args are casted to unsigned long in
format strings
- port builders
rip, sebek, bgp, vrrp, ipv6 (libnet_build_ip.c), rpc (udp & tcp
samples ported), isl (+ sample), token ring (+ sample/tring_tcp)
- change prototype of libnet_[MODE]_write_bytes() so that size is

It should be tested under win32 (the project files .dsp and other
needs to be rebuild I guess).

I still have to port OSPF builder. The one in current tree was
"broken" (I cant remember if it was a bug, or a request for feature so
that it becomes more convenient to use).


Fred Raynal

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