Help! win32,libnet_init failed ! Mar 23 2005 11:26AM
curtis skelvsa (curtis mail gmail com)

Hi,when I tried to migerate my code from linux to windows. I encountered big tourble. then I turned to libnet sample code in win32

I installed new WinPcap_3_1_beta4.exe. 2003 enviroment . the libnet win32 sample code is compiled all right.

but the sample code can not run rightly. when I tried to run libnet\sample\win32\udp1\Release\udp1.exe, I encountered the same problem.

libnet_init(LIBNET_RAW4,NULL,errbuf) failed
it report error: libnet_open_link(): unable to open the driver,error code : 14

I use dots and decimals representation of my IP address for device parameter. the same error reported.

I'm confused what's the problem, please help me.


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