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about /dev/shm? Apr 15 2006 03:14PM
Monty Ree (chulmin2 hotmail com) (2 replies)
Re: about /dev/shm? Apr 17 2006 03:18PM
Thomas Howard Uphill (uphill ias edu)
Monty Ree wrote:
> Hello, all.
> As you know, /dev/shm is 1777 and attackers used to write his backdoors
> at that directory.
> So I have saw the partition for some time and I can't see any creation
> of the files.
> So I changed this permission to 755, and there was no problem.
> 1. What's the role of the /dev/shm?
> shm means shared memory?
> 2. Why this directory must be 1777?
> Is there any problem when I change the permission to like 755?

You'll lose Posix shared memory is all. Perhaps changing the mount to a
noexec,nosuid,nodev mount makes
more sense, without breaking anything.

Anything using shmget should be ok.


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Re: about /dev/shm? Apr 17 2006 02:51PM
ilaiy (ilaiy e gmail com)


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