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Linux's security May 16 2006 11:22AM
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Hi all,

I have been discussing Linux's security at a more profound level, and I would like any security expert's input on the discussion. This discussion is quite in-depth, as it deals more with reference monitors, SELinux's implementation, LIDS, permissions, privileges and ACLs, and other features, rather than practical security like IDSs, firewalls, etc. If you would like to take a look, please click on the following link - and feel free to post something if you have a constructive and well-based comment. I would greatly appreciate any positive contributions to this discussion, as it has really got me thinking! In fact, most of it is beyond my level of expertise.

Here it is:

It is quite long, so if you would like, you can read catch's last message there in the main post, and then the comments below the article, which continue the discussion. If there are any security experts/professionals on this mailing list (which I am sure there are!), then any added input would be appreciated. If not, I hope you all enjoy the read :-)



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