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Re: smtp proxy that takes in smtp auth? Jul 11 2006 05:31PM
Gregory Hicks (ghicks cadence com)

> Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2006 09:20:26 +0800
> From: zHihaO <zhihao (at) root (dot) sg [email concealed]>
> To: focus-linux (at) securityfocus (dot) com [email concealed]
> Subject: Re: smtp proxy that takes in smtp auth?
> i'm looking at this senario :
> we have got a lot of clients in china who have problems connecting to
> our servers locally. For some reasons unknown, traffic to our network
> from china is being filtered by the government over there. So the ideal
> solution i'm looking at is to have a server in china herself to act as a
> proxy between the users there and the servers here since datacentre to
> datacentre connection is so much better. Since we have got multiple smtp
> servers for different clients, the proxy must be able to forward the
> credentials between the users in china and the smtp servers here
> locally. ideas anyone?

Let us assume that we have outside China and inside China.

The MX records for point to serverA. Mail is received for
<user (at) example (dot) com [email concealed]>. The /etc/alias file (or LDAP or NIS or NIS+ or...)
on serverA points to

user: user (at) serverB.example (dot) com [email concealed] (You need the same info on serverB!)

Sendmail (whatever MTA you want to use) then delivers the mail to
serverB. How you sync the files is up to you.

Gregory Hicks

> ./zhihao
> Devdas Bhagat wrote:
> > On 07/07/06 12:29 +0800, zHihaO wrote:
> >
> >> does anyone knows of a good software that works like perdition, but for
> >> SMTP? the ideal software will be a service running on port 25, listens
> >> for smtp connections, takes in the email user id and password, forwards
> >> the user credentials to the correct server based on a database lookup
> >> and allows the user to send mail out.
> >>
> >>
> > Why not have all servers share the same user database? SMTP does not
> > need to access a single mailstore.
> >
> > What is the scenario you are looking at?
> >
> > Devdas Bhagat
> >
> >
> >

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