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RE: root shell auditing Jul 31 2008 11:52AM
David Bruce (dbruce fortedata com)

I'd be interested in this, as well. I have a new junior admin, and if
anything were to break, I'd be able to trace it back.


David Bruce

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Hey TJ,

I think this would be a great and very useful tool. Could you post is
somewhere where we/I can also download?



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Not sure if it's an exact fit, but I put together a small patch
against bash 3.x a while back for someone that logs all commands to
syslog. It hooks the commands as they're being logged into bash's
history buffer, so a (remote) syslog can capture commands in real

I don't recall what all it logged. I believe UID, $PWD, and
command. Timestamp came from syslog.

Let me know if you're interested, I'll dig around for the .diff
and send it to you.

TJ Easter

On Mon, Jul 28, 2008 at 8:34 AM, Mars Gobetti <erresei6 (at) libero (dot) it [email concealed]>
> In an effort to comply with iso 27001, Webtrust and other security
certifications I need to audit root shell usage on many linux servers:
every bash command entered in the shell ,with timestamps, and possibly
logging to a remote server.
> Which is the best (enterprise class) way to do that?
> Currently in our environment administrators get root shell access
using sudo -i. Do I need to change this?
> I've seen around sudosh (wich do the job locally), then Enterprise
Audit Shell, but it seems to me this projects are not active any more.
> Will Free IPA be an answer?
> Thank you,
> Mars Gobetti

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