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Check Point SmartCenter in Non-Global Zone Aug 30 2007 07:16PM
Crist J. Clark (cristclark comcast net)
I would like to get a Check Point SmartCenter (the management
server, not the firewall itself) software running in a non-
global zone on Solaris 10. You would think this is not too
hard. But it appears the Check Point licensing checks are once
again making the paying customers' lives difficult. The
SmartCenter keeps insisting that there is no valid license.
It thinks the IP address on the zone does not match the IP
address on the license. They do match. I just think the
software cannot find the address in the non-global zone.

I've already gone to some Check Point forums and my VAR, and
I am waiting on Check Point support (through the VAR), but
I have not made progress. I thought I'd ask a Solaris crowd
if they have experience or ideas with this. Is there a way to
help the application figure out the IP address? Is there
a way to get a "real" interface, bge1, in a non-global zone
rather than what looks like a secondary, logical address,
bge1:1? That would probably do it.

Solaris 10 06/06 and Check Point SmartCenter R65.
Crist J. Clark | cjclark (at) (dot) edu [email concealed]

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