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Snort with an expert system Apr 04 2009 12:22PM
Timmmy (bluesinblood gmail com) (1 replies)

Hi everybody
I'm coupling an IDS with an expert system. I want to prove that this could
decrease the number of false positives. I chose Snort as an IDS.
Because of the huge number of signatures, I just want (for now) to take a
little set of signatures and design the expert system rules according to
theses signatures to work like an administrator would do (analyse logs,
monitor the alerts, know if it's a false positive or not, make decision).
So, what is in your opinion the right set of signatures to take (for
example, the signatures that generate a lot of false positives) ?
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Re: Snort with an expert system Apr 18 2009 03:07PM
Stephen Mullins (steve mullins work gmail com) (1 replies)
Re: Snort with an expert system Apr 20 2009 05:51PM
Martin Roesch (roesch sourcefire com)


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