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Single Stage Attacks? May 17 2009 06:39AM
snort user (snort user gmail com) (3 replies)
Greetings All,

Typically, network based attacks have multiple stages.
(reconnaissance, infection, download rootkit, call home, further infection etc)

Some attacks may have a single stage (without reconnaissance) to
compromise a host.
However, even those attacks have a post-compromise stage, such as call home
or transfer/steal data or something else.
Otherwise, what's the motivation for compromising in the first place?

Can someone enlighten me if there are attacks that only have a single stage?
Examples or scenarios is much appreciated.


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Re: Single Stage Attacks? May 20 2009 04:47PM
Stuart Staniford (sstaniford FireEye com)
Re: Single Stage Attacks? May 19 2009 08:22PM
dreamwvr (dreamwvr dreamwvr com)
Re: Single Stage Attacks? May 19 2009 04:33PM
Jamie Riden (jamie riden gmail com)


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