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An insider attack scenario Jun 10 2009 03:24PM
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Daniel, Akos (a daniel drillisch-telecom de)
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Nick Besant (lists hwf cc)
pamaclark (at) yahoo (dot) com [email concealed] wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm new to IDS/IPS...
> Suppose a company has a large network, which is divided into several sub-network segments. Due to finance or staffs restrictions, the company could only use a limited number of sensors, hence leave some internal sub-networks unmonitored. I guess this is quite common in real world right?
Not many organisations have spent money (or committed time) on
monitoring their internal networks other than for basic availability
(e.g. disk space, CPU load). Of those that have, experience suggests
that the majority haven't dedicated enough time understanding the nature
of the network activity inside their network to make monitoring
efficient against anything but loud, obvious attacks or things that can
be correlated against out-of-the-box.

> So, if I were an inside attacker, I may find out sensor locations (either physical of logical locations) by fingerprinting the sensors as discussed in some previous threads or whatever tricks. Means I will know which sub-networks are monitored and others are not, right? So that I can launch attacks to those unmonitored network segments without being detected.
> Does this sound plausible? And what current IDS/IPS technologies can be used to against this?
> Thanks

As suggested in an earlier reply, if you know where the sensors are, you
can flood them with traffic or run at a rate below their threshold.
However, you're probably going to find that they're just looking for
known virus or other malware-based activity. If you are an insider with
knowledge of the system, the likelihood is that you will be targeting
your attack and will remain below the radar.

Some of this can be mitigated by designing the security solutions by
assessing risk prior to deciding on a monitoring solution. If you
assume that an attacker can be inside or outside your perimeter, you can
start to address the risks accordingly; pick your favourite mix of
solutions that include IDS/IPS, SIEM, etc. *as well as* a good set of
audited policy statements.


Nick Besant

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