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AW: Announcing Allthreats Jun 24 2009 07:54AM
Daniel, Akos (a daniel drillisch-telecom de) (1 replies)
Re: AW: Announcing Allthreats Jun 24 2009 07:31PM
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Ali-Reza Anghaie (ali packetknife com) (1 replies)
That is still a risky proposition without SLAs, third-party review, etc. I think Akos' point remains that, like many other web tools, you increase the risk leaking information to an unknown party.

But it's a great start and like many other web tools (say CWSandBox) it will find a place. Best wishes, -Ali

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Actually the files (pcap files) are encrypted and stored in the
server. We'll store it for statistical reasons.

The next step will allow a complete manage of the pcap files if you're a
registered user.

Thank you,

Daniel, Akos wrote:
> Hi,
> I think this can cause some information leaking for companies, where the admin does not understand the content of a sniffer file and/or sensibility of the sniffed traffic is underestimated. What will happen with the uploaded files?
> Anyway home users can have huge advantages of that tool, if they know what they submit ;-).
> Cheers,
> Akos
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> Betreff: Announcing Allthreats
> I would like to announce the
> Allthreats is a free online network traffic analyzer. This system is
> able to analyze a pcap file with several tools: IDS (only Snort at the
> moment [Sourcefire VRT and Emerging Threats signatures], I'll integrate
> Bro IDS soon), Honeysnap (from honeynet project. It's able to analyze
> HTTP, FTP and SMTP traffic, extract files from the pcap and analyze them
> with several antivirus engines [by now: Clamav, Bitdefender and Avira] ).
> See the demo
> (
> for a comprehensive overview of the capabilities of Allthreats.
> This service can analyze binaries with several AV engines (like other
> well-knonwn online services), nevertheless it adds a new functionality:
> Remote File Analyzer (URL Analyzer). You don't have to download the
> binary, we download it for you.
> I would like to add more IDS and antivirus engines, so if you're
> interested in add your AV or IDS engine, please send me an email:
> engines (at) allthreats (dot) com [email concealed]
> Ismael
> Lead Developer Allthreats

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Ismael Briones (ismak inkatel com)


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