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Reputation based IPS/IDS - Cisco's tested Aug 11 2009 03:49PM
Joel Snyder (Joel Snyder Opus1 COM) (1 replies)
Some of you may remember our discussion back in November, 2008 about
using reputation services in IPS. (search for subject line "Email
reputation for inout to IDSs?" if you want to read it).

Anyway, I was given a chance to test Cisco's 7.0 IPS that includes the
Ironport SenderBase/SensorBase reputation service, and Network World
just published the test. Since we discussed the technology (and how no
one was actually doing it) on this list, here's a link to how Cisco is
finally doing something about it, and what they're doing:

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Re: Reputation based IPS/IDS - Cisco's tested Aug 22 2009 05:34PM
Frank Knobbe (frank knobbe us) (1 replies)
Re: Reputation based IPS/IDS - Cisco's tested Aug 24 2009 04:36PM
Gautam Singaraju (gautam singaraju gmail com)


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