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So long and thanks a bunch! Aug 15 2009 09:28PM
alfredhuger (at) winterhope (dot) com [email concealed] (alfredhuger winterhope com)
Pen-Test and Focus-IDS readers,

I wanted to send a quick note to those of you on these two lists who
have been long time subscribers and supporters of them. I long ago
gave up the moderation of the lists (to far more capable hands than
mine) but I have followed them faithfully for nearly a decade. In fact
Pen-Test was the first list I created after I founded SecurityFocus
in 1999.

Of all the Secfocus lists these two always been my favorites.  Frankly
I always thought Bugtraq, everyone else's favorite, was/is pure
misery. Full disclosure (the ethic not the mailing list of the same
name) is a circus and that's a pity.

I have now decided to move on from Symantec (who bought Securityfocus
in 2002) to head back to start-up land and so I will no longer have
the time to follow the many lists I've grown accustomed to reading
here.  Thanks to all of you who contributed, I owe you all a small

My new contact into is:

alfred.huger at gmail com

I also use Linkedin, please feel free to connect:

Cheers and thanks again,
Al Huger

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