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How to evaluate an IPS/IDS product Sep 11 2009 08:27AM
Kai (phamtungduong gmail com) (1 replies)
Hi guys,

Our company has a plan to implement an IPS/IDS solution for entire
system. I 've got some solutions from different vendors. It's really
hard to decide which is the suitable solution. So, I want to ask a
question: what are the aspects which are considered when we evaluate a
IPS/IDS product.

Besides, our distributor has a test device for us to deploy in a test
environment. They will also provide some scenarios to check this
product's capabilities in order to prevent some kind of attacks. But,
I think I need to build my own some scenarios to test separately with
seller. Please give me some extra ideas/advices how to build my own
scenarios and a must do checklist to test this product completely.

Best regards,

Phạm Tùng Dương

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Re: How to evaluate an IPS/IDS product Sep 11 2009 03:42PM
Joel Snyder (Joel Snyder Opus1 COM)


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